Thanks for the clarification on the drop info. I misinterpreted the info to be what I had described above.
I'll still ensure that I play MP1+ for A1 and A2, but for A3 at least I'll have the option of going with MP0.

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I do have to wonder if this helps or hurts new players trying to get to level 60, though.
I don't think it has any impact on players leveling. I have not been able to find anything definitive, but I thought that monsters can only drop at the same level (or below) their own monster level (excluding inferno). Maybe one MP above their own level, but not much higher.

Like many others in the forum, I play Self Found without using the AH, so I found that crafting was the best way for me to get better items while leveling. With the new MP system, I usually do the following (although I have only leveled one character since the system came out and its in Hardcore) MP5 for normal, MP3 for Nightmare. This allows me to kill things quickly and level up at a good rate, while also having a bit of a safety net.

I try to be about 5-6 levels above my opponents. Therefore, the only way to have my DPS to also be 5 or 6 levels above is to either use the AH or craft.

Finally, the numbers I used were just an example, not actual times.
I am a min maxer for character items to ensure that I have the strongest character available based on the assumptions I make, but just play the game on whatever settings seem the funnest to me.

Although I said in my last post, I thought MP0 and MP1 were the most efficient, I usually play on MP3.