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    Re: Damage to mana HELP :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Lotus View Post
    If you check my excel file, there are exactly the same formulas applied. Still they appear to be "not how its ultimately calced".
    That formula was also used to derive the Damage Taken Goes to Mana percentages listed in the table on the twice-linked (now to be thrice-linked) Energy Shield page. However, since both have been dismissed I was checking whether it might be recognised in another form (because as I posted earlier, I don't know what else it can be, given what's been described).

    TheXelnaga, if this isn't what's being requested, further explanation is needed of what exactly is being requested (people can't answer the question if they don't understand it).

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    Re: Damage to mana HELP :D

    I believe this to be an issue of patches. IIRC, ES worked differently pre patch 1.10, and DTGTM made a lot more sense back then. There were no synergies, but in the very earliest days of 1.10, some guy made an excel spreadsheet using the old ES mechanics (or at least resistances before ES) AND the new TK synergy, picturing virtual immortality. Some very pretty numbers, but it never was possible.

    The only reason I remember this is because I was well on my way gathering DTGTM gear before I learned about ES factoring before resists.

    OP: In short, making an ES sorc the only things you're looking to max is ES/TK skill levels, mana, integer damage reduction and integer magic damage reduction. ES maxes out at lvl 40 (further levels only increase duration, and if you complain about recasting after 40 minutes, you should be watching a movie, not playing a game) so with good prebuff gear, you can save skillpoints.
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