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    Should this build work?

    Hi... I invented this hybrid build, but since it's pretty expensive, i'd like your opinions about it before getting the items.

    MAX firestorm
    MAX bolten
    1+ fenditure
    MAX volcano

    MAX fire claws
    1+ fury

    1 from oak to beat

    Helm: Ravenlore/jalals... first for fire enemy res, second for ar, shape sk and so on
    Armor: chains of honor
    Weapon: Here comes the interesting part: destruction phase blade... fast weapon with chance to cast molten or volcano... and together with fire claws you have both of them max synergized... sounds good in my mind, but i may be wrong, also
    Shield: Phoenix monarch. Great shield for survivability (redemption aura) and low enemy fire res. Also add 350-400% ed and high chance to cast firestorm (synergized too)
    Belt: dungo, nosferatu or strings of ear (also a rare belt could be good)
    Boots: Gore riders
    Gloves: 3 options... magefist (+1 fire skill), bloodfist (ias, fhr) or hellmouth (chance to cast firestorm)... but there are many other possibilities

    Strenght: enough for gear
    Dex: enough for gear
    Vitality: all the rest
    Energy: what? o.O

    Act 2 (andy, forty, infinity)

    You are a physical fighter, but you don't need attack rate (destruction has ignore target's defense). This doesn't work with unique/bosses, but you still have a good ar bonus from fire claws, and you can also kill them with molten boulder, back to human form
    You are a physical fighter, but you do cast many spell, so you have the possibility to kill many enemies at the same time, without the problem of a pure fire claw druid (that is pretty slow, 'cause he has to hit enemies one by one)
    You don't need fcr, you're not a caster
    You probably kill most of the non FI with one hit, thanks to -enemy fire res and your huge damage
    You have good percentage of crushing blow for FI, and a good physical damage bonus from fury, phoenix and volcano/molten boulder

    Many fire immunes. Will my physical damage and my crushing blow be enough against them?
    Physical/fire immunes... WTF??? D:
    Destruction has a lot of good mods, but no IAS... classic fire claws druid use 6 shael'd phase blade... would my hybrid build work?
    Will firestorm, volcano and molten boulder really useful with synergies maxed? Or these are just useless mods?

    This build could also work with armageddon... more synergy for fire claw and firestorm, many points invested for it and low chance to hit

    Please let me know your opinion before i create a useless distruction.
    I'm going with azure - leviathan - phoenix equip now, and this works (also with fire immunes)... but it's not that good, really

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    Re: Should this build work?

    I'm skeptical, but I haven't played a lot of druids. I'd like for it to work, just because the Destruction procs are so fun. A regular Fireclaws druid would be more robust defensively. Maybe Atma's Scarab would help with the immunity problem...

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    Re: Should this build work?

    Destruction phase blade = no ias.
    Firestorm, MB, volcano procs will all interrupt your fireclaw attacks, as they are timered spells. And they aren't very good even at high levels, let alone the low level procs from the equipment.
    Fire immunes = wat?

    So that's why I think it won't work.

    A proc druid that actually does work is described in LiquidEvil's Earthshifter guide.
    Fury has no problem with timered procs as it is a multi hit spell, and earthshifter+fury has good physical damage on its own.

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    Re: Should this build work?

    Well, fire claws have not any speed bonus, so also the off weapon ias should help, am i wrong?
    A 6 shael'd pb would be obviously better for non fire immunes, but what for others? I mean, when i create e build i can't stand waiting for my merc to kill everybody, that's not a build imo.
    With destruction and some skill points in fury i would have a more than decent physical damage, with 20% cb (+ gore +duress, maybe?).
    Then 40% chance to cast firestorm (with my synergies, the damage should be something like 500 ps)
    23% chance to cast volcano (150 physical, 50 fire)
    4% chance to cast molten boulder (500+ fire damage ps, 350 physical damage).

    With -24% enemy fire resistance and conviction, is it really that low?

    I mean... every fire claw build i could use, would absolutely need some physical damage, in my mind (so no chance for 6 shael'd pb). Then, why wasting all skill points invested in fire elemental when you can use them together with a high damaging weapon like destruction?

    I'm not ignoring what you said, i'd just like to understand everything

    During the cast delay i won't be able to attack at all? Or my attack would be normal, without fury or fire claws?

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    Re: Should this build work?

    Off weapon ias doesn't help in were form. Check titanseal calc. And during the cast delay you won't be able to attack at all.

    I agree, 6 shael pb is stupid. But that doesn't mean destruction is good. Just get grief pb instead: three times the damage of destruction pb, faster attack speed and has itd and deadly strike as well. Cheaper too.

    If you want something based on procs, search for 'Earth shifter armageddon' guide. It is similar to what you are suggesting, but it actually works.

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    Re: Should this build work?

    Yes, i saw that guide just 2 days after i decided to create mine. Actaully I like it, except for using a two handed weapon, while phoenix is so damn good (and i already have it xD)... and again, earth shifter is so useless (except for this build) that i can't really find it

    Thank you then... bye!


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