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    Diablo (Classic) USwest & USeast gamers!

    I know there's some stragglers out there, the ones that stick around.. Those oldschool/nostalgic/die-hard gamers that still play Diablo 1 (classic) , they still play Doom, they still play Heretic! Cheers to everyone that still enjoy these cult and underrated games of the "dead" past!

    Here today, with enough beer you feel like you can accomplish anything but hey! Listen up dude, we're here to stay and we're here to enjoy these damn games! So why not team up and start joining up the US West/US East/Europe/Asia realms?

    Let's get Diablo USA-1 looking like it used to

    You game?
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    Re: Diablo (Classic) USwest & USeast gamers!

    Hi, most of the top remaining US legits play in Euro deu-1. they are also on to see you around.

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    Re: Diablo (Classic) USwest & USeast gamers!

    We're there!

    Also, a new website is in the making: it is still under construction but anyone can sign up and register as a user.



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