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    (EuScL) Value of Jah in lower runes

    Hello guys,

    I am about to make my first more expensive purchase, namely a jah rune. However, since its expensive and I don't have much wealth, i don't want to overpay.

    As a matter of fact, I want to underpay, but the question is how far can I go?

    What I am planning to offer is:
    13 ists
    2 gul
    4 um

    Should be around 17 ist. Will this work if I make a game?

    Hopefully someone can offer some insight (and i dont mean the runeword :-)).

    Cheers Hookipa/

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    Re: (EuScL) Value of Jah in lower runes

    Jah for 17 ists is a possible trade.

    People selling jah for ists usually want ists because it's the base money, so i think you should convert guls and ums, to find easier somebody to trade with.

    Hope it helped!

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    Re: (EuScL) Value of Jah in lower runes

    I usually sell Ber/Jah vs 18 ists.

    As being said, Guls aint that "popular" runes, you'd better convert them into ists or maybe cube to vex before trading. In my opinion, 16 ists should work.


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