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    How do you build wealth?

    I started playing again last week after a 4-5 month break, starting basically from scratch. Managed to take my barb to Inferno act 3, and started farming cause that's just what you do. I was (and still am) absolutely broke, the most gold I've ever had was about 2.2 million. With the gear I could afford, my farming wasn't very fast at all, but at least I felt comfortable not dying (had about 70k health and 300-450 resistances).

    I figured I need to upgrade my gear as much as I can. I had read up on the ww build as the optimal farming tool, and had a decent idea about the items I'm looking for. So I took my 2.2 million and went to check out the auctions. It broke my heart. For the level of gear that people seem to consider adequate for safe and efficient farming, I'm looking to drop somewhere around 100 million (I play on Europe), depending on whether I want to go for ghetto rolls or stats that are useful and relevant. That's fifty times my budget. It was very disheartening to realize that at the rate I'm going, it will take a better part of a month to farm money for even a single item.

    So my question is, how do you go from being a new, broke player, to affording items that can cost dozens of millions for even the lowest rolls (I'm looking at you, every IK piece except gloves and belt)? Farming - of course. But how am I supposed to farm properly when the gear needed to do so is so far out of reach?

    At the end of the day I didn't go for any of the ww barb items, because there's really no point going half-way (or in my case 1/50th of the way). Instead I spent my gold on some rare pieces I could afford. Died an hour later. My new DH now has 200k in the bank

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    Re: How do you build wealth?

    Relentless farming... with MF gear.

    I play a monk, and getting 600+ EHP with 30k+ dps and 150+ mf pre NV is probably like 10-20 million, maybe 25.

    I started playing again 2 or 3 months ago, and went from nothing to having 150+M spent on a character, to die...

    My current monk I've spent roughly 7M on, rest of gear was in stash. I would value it at ~25M and meets my minima criteria for solo farming a3. Although I MUCH prefer to have someone in my party...

    This weekend alone I found at least 100M in items to sell, still got 2 to get rid of.

    Magic find is that golden ticket to finding legendary, and RELENTLESS grinding.

    Also, DH are 1 mistake from dead... go back to barb and rend it up or go WD

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    Re: How do you build wealth?

    Play self-found. Problem solved...

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    Re: How do you build wealth?

    After lots of small upgrades, any further upgrades are 10M+ which I currently can't afford.

    Farming MP0 is very easy at the moment so I guess I should start stacking some MF to get some legendaries and go from there. I've also set my sights on keys though, got a destruction key without problems but had too bail out of the Vaults twice on MP1... Some of these packs are quite nasty!


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