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    New Necro PVP build...

    What do you guys think. I am not sure if Enigma has +1 tele anymore. But if not that is fine. I will just use a max charged amulet for pvp... And be able to use something better for armor...

    You elite pvpers... Think with an open mind,

    Necro – Enigma (tele)-Beast and Demon Limb (on second hand switch)
    2x Dream Rune Words (Helm and Shield).
    Dragon Armor
    Merc (Holy Freeze with Infinity)
    Iron Golem (Pride Rune word)

    Over all. The enemy will have conviction and be holy freezed from merc, and either cursed with AMP or Lower Resist. My summons and hire will have fana for increased attack speed and concentration from pride..

    My merc and I will both boast 4x holy shock/fire auras.

    Lower Resist or Amp to break immunities from time to time and at the least, doubling kill speed.
    Use Life tap from time to time to refill all summons life back to full. Definitely use it during harder monster groups.

    My build uses a Necro with Enigma, holding a Beast for Fana aura. This build will be aimed towards very high physical and elemental damage from summons and the merc, but will also focused to keep my enchanted summons alive without dying most of the time. The last thing anyone needs is to have an irritating build that does not flow well requiring a lot of work.
    The elemental damage will largely from Magi’s and the primary summons (my merc and Iron Golem). Though definitely not necessary, the Merc and Iron Golem and some of the non-magi summons will be buffed with Demon Limb’s charges of lvl 23 Enchant (Lasts nearly 11 minutes! adds 100 fire damage, and boasts a +217% to attack chance!). For the uncommon convenience, you can keep a second fully charged demon limb in the inventory (though I don’t honestly think you will need to use a whole 20 charges for even a chaos + Baal run). You will also use the occasional life tap with harder groups to keep any summons from dying or just to refill everyone’s life back to maximum. Demon Limb will be on your second hand switch. Amp and Lower Resist will be your necro’s main attacks. Whether you use amp or lower Resist, it does not matter. AMP at the least doubles physical kill speed. Lower Resistance will just erase any remaining resistances the monsters may have. Just use which ever immunities you need to break at the moment. Spam that occasional Life Tap to keep everyone’s life up.
    The merc will have the Holy Freeze Aura just to completely reduce all monsters attack damage and run speed significantly. He will use Infinity, Dream and Dragon. And be enchanted with Demon limbs lvl 23 Enchant spell.
    The Iron Golem will be made out of Pride for the Concentration aura.
    The only thing I am not liking it not having the might aura! Ugh, if this build can kill effectively without losing your summons constantly then switch to have a might Merc. It is just too bad *** to have Might, Concentration, and Fana at once!

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    Re: New Necro PVP build...

    I'm no elite by all means, but I'd take Torchadin/Dreamer, nullifying your Conviction, run around and when enough room 1 hit KO. And your fcr is max 60 with that set up so good luck catching an opponent

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    Re: New Necro PVP build...

    This does not look like PvP build at all. At least not with "break immunities" and "pride IG" thingies. Are you going to recast pride every time you die?

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    Re: New Necro PVP build...

    And what the hell is merc doing in PvP? What kind of pvp is that, town hugging? If yes, I would definitely unhostile you right away.


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