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    Observations from nihlathak runs

    1 - The poison clouds from pit vipers cannot hit you with their physical part if you are standing still. However, they WILL hit you EVEN if you are standing still if your merc moves in the same spot (or very close) due to teleporting.

    2 - Witches cannot curse you if you have a shrine or another curse already active. They WILL attempt to curse your merc (and very likely hit you as well) if he is "clean", but ONLY if he is closer to them than you are. Else, their AI will tell them to either shoot blood stars at you (happens most the time) or move towards you (if far) or move away (if close). No cursing if their closest target has a shrine or is already cursed.

    3 - Several poison clouds are more dangerous than single ones, for some reason. They get stronger if there is fanaticism or might around.

    4 - Nihlathaks hit recovery seems strange. Could be my min damage is JUST too low to force hit recovery.

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    Re: Observations from nihlathak runs

    The Amazon Basin Diablo II wiki's Betrayal of Harrogath page contains details of the mechanics of the Tomb Viper's 'javelins' and clouds (among other things).

    Although Nihlathak has a hit recovery mode he has no knockback mode, so anything that should knock back will not knock him back and then put him into hit recovery. If you're expecting him to be put into hit recovery by damage and your source for his life is either the Arreat Summit's Nihlathak page or the Nihlathak page of this site's wiki, bear in mind that neither of these applies the (Super) Unique life bonus: Nihlathak has 26,690 base life in Hell, not 13,345.

    I've also read that hit recovery isn't quite as straightforward as commonly understood, although I've yet to investigate this myself.


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