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    Re: 1.0.7 - Let's drop some bells - towards a more active playstyle.

    updated much of my setup listed above at post #17. I have to give metalmusicman credit he was who got me into bell spam to begin with. My setup is more focused around way of the hundred fists with bell spam as a CC and big damage booster. I've loved dashing strike for a long time as damage prevention and cc evasion (use it during frozen pools right before they burst or when molten explode to avoid damage etc). I'm happily farming mp6 solo with little to no deaths.

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    Re: 1.0.7 - Let's drop some bells - towards a more active playstyle.

    I dont know how you guys link your builds or whatever but i was playing around with these builds today. However I am a low income low dps dual weilder so switching to skorn isnt a option. So i played around a bit more. I found that if you are dual wield you can still effectively spam WOL with a few things changed. Now I took transendance because im still a bit squishy but this could easily be changed into something more viable for the build if you do not have this problem. But anywho using the regen mantra and the regen cyclone together pretty much ensures you always can cast wol and it regens about 1/3 of my health every cast you still have thunderclap for mobility and still have serentity for o crap moments. If it doesnt work for you guys thats kewl i just thought i would share what i felt worked best for me it seems to flow really well and clear really fast

    also i figured it out i think

    Edit :P oh ya and you get to keep that nice 15% dmg bonus from breath

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    Re: 1.0.7 - Let's drop some bells - towards a more active playstyle.

    Suck & Bell build, pretty much maximing the damage potential of WoL, as well as controlling the position of your enemies.
    You can switch Sweeping Wind to Mantra of Evasion>Backlash for more survival but less DPS.
    Backlash triggers resolve so great overall defense potential, complements very well with Cyclone Strike that promotes it to trigger.

    Generator on right click for moving & auto-targetting monsters, saves your finger from sores and your mouse click lifespan, also great for seamless switching of generator to bell = you just hold right click forever and advance click the left-click for the Bell and it will auto-Bell whenever the resource became available.


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