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    Hi From Indiana!

    Hi everybody -
    Iím a lifelong Hoosier and my husband is a Londoner (been in the States 13 years now). Iím originally from Indianapolis but moved to a little town outside the city 17 years ago. Thereís either a gun store, a liquor store or a church on every corner :( and even though Iíve lived here for 17 years, because of my (non)beliefs I have no friends here and my husband and I basically keep to ourselves. The GOOD NEWS is - we have made our reservations for the Reason Rally bus leaving from Indy and we canít wait to meet up with some like-minded people for a change

    Anyway, thatís my intro -
    The Everyday Atheist

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    Re: Hi From Indiana!

    this is very off topic for this forum. Not sure if you are promoting the Reason Rally or what but I am closing this. any more posts like it will get you banned.


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