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    what's a good way to start yourself off with gear?

    I'm not really a "new" player but I don't really know anybody in game and don't have anything much to trade besides a bunch of runes because I haven't played for years... I'd be doing nightmare meph runs but I even have trouble with that because of little resists D:

    (I'm on useast ladder btw)

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    Re: what's a good way to start yourself off with gear?

    You can easily buy gear from shops with gold, or gamble, to get the resists/mf youd want for doing NM meph. This is true for meteor or Blizzard sorceresses.

    And I highly recommend those. They can easily kill meph, no matter their dmg, due to the "moat trick". Search for it!

    Once you can kill him, and have ~70mf (20+ on boots and gloves is easily obtained.)you will get all the good items youll ever need to get to Hell Meph!



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