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    A question about frenzy barb/mf barb.

    I need some opinions/advice on my frenzy barb(lvl 80),because i'm very weak at the moment(I haven't got useful gear,whatsoever) and i think my skills aren't exactly perfect either.Here are the attributes:
    str - 190(i raised it so much JUST for the Grandfather )
    dex - 110
    vit - 240
    energy - none

    And the skills:
    Dual swing 20
    Frenzy 20
    Berserker 12
    Sword mastery 10 (i was with 2 swords originally,but recently i found an axe which boosts the damage of one of my swords so now i am with sword/axe)
    Taunt 15
    Bash 1
    Concentrate 1
    Stun 1
    Double throw 1
    Iron skin 1
    Natural resistances 1
    Howl 1
    Shout 1
    Battle orders 1
    Battle command 1

    I plan on maxing out the weapon mastery first and then steadily raise berserker and taunt for more dmg.

    The gear i'm aiming for is:
    Amulet - highlords' wrath
    helm - arreat's face
    belt - nosferatu
    gloves - dracul's
    boots - gore rider
    rings - raven frost x2
    For armor and weapons i can't decide,because i can't take the obvious Fortitude armor and Grief/BOTD since i play on single player...

    As for the gear i currently have...well i'll save myself the shame,because it's awful.I chose gear with resistances and life steal because my resistances were negative when i entered hell and i died very quickly.I got some items that give +1 to all skills (combined bonus is +3),and that's about it...Low defense on most items,and no OW,CB or DS.The only good thing about my gear is that i found a Balrog Blade with 4 sockets so I managed to do "Passion" runeword,but my damage is still pretty weak(400-2000/500-1400).It takes some time to kill monsters (I can't 1-hit-KO them) and it's really hard,boring and time consuming.

    I got to act V,however, and completed the "Rescue Anya" quest,but from that moment on I began to die very often and i thought it's time for a change...So i decided to get a mf gear and start farming some uniques.I have ~330 mf soft,raising up to 450 with gull dagger and milabrega's orb,but i can't use them constantly because i deal minimum damage,so i swap to them whenever I get a champion or a boss monster below 10% hp.I've been doing crypt,mausoleum,pits,ancient tunnels runs for some time (because i am too weak for act3+ zones) but nothing good has dropped so far (I know,mf farming requires patience)...Recently i learned that getting "Find Item" skill is very useful for mf barbs and i'm thinking whether I should reset my skills and put some points into it,just for the sake of mf.

    Please share with me your thoughts about the skills,gear and mf farming,and tell me if i have to change something.Thanks in advance.

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    Re: A question about frenzy barb/mf barb.

    Do you use Runeword mod in single player?

    If so, you can try 'Oath' runeword in ethereal swords/axes.

    'Crescent moon' runeword is also good ( and cheap ). Also can gamble some cruel rares and try to find things like doombringer.

    For the armor, use 'Lionhart' runeword!

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    Re: A question about frenzy barb/mf barb.

    I was thinking more like "Fury" and "Kingslayer" runewords for weapons,and "Duress" runeword for armor.The problem is my highest rune is Hel,and runes drop very rarely during my mf runs...
    And btw "Oath" is ladder only...

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    Re: A question about frenzy barb/mf barb.

    Yes, that's why I said Runeword Mod ( RWM )
    Run countess for runes!

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    Re: A question about frenzy barb/mf barb.

    Made myself a Frenzy baba this ladder and this is the guide I followed:

    Quick wins for u are:
    Max Battle Orders, I got very nice gear compared 2 u atm but I feel I still need +3 k life. I know u want the damage but u need to survive first!
    Would stick with 1 weaponsort, the guide shows quite some options.
    If u get swarmed, meet dangerous fana/might mobs: Howl and just kill em 1 by 1.
    I didn't take any Berserk, most of the time I skip the PI, or swap to Azurewrath if their undead.
    Try to get a Demon Limb for the enchant


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