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    PVP first impressions

    Well it it took over 8 months, but finally one of the most important/fun features in Diablo 2 made it to D3. Dueling.

    I spent five hours dueling last night. I even tho i died alot and had fun, 'dueling' also shows off all the glaring flaws of D3. Thanks to a few people who let me test alot of 'everything' on them we started to notice things..

    1.) Damage reduction. It makes no sense at all that monks and barbs have some sort of natural 30% damage reduction in this game and pvp shows off why its wrong.

    While dealing out damage to a DH, Wd and Wiz i would honestly kill them in a few seconds while the same attacks on a Barb and Monk would take litterally 3-4x longer to kill.

    This need to be changed to NO classes have damage reduced. If a class wants more damage reduction they should have to invest in gear or use a skill that has that option. Not simply be rewarded with it for no reason.

    Alot of people on Bnet seem to be singing the tune of a flat damage reduction for everyone...Not because of what i mentioned but because of ONE shot Duels.. But the real problem is Crit. Which bring me to my next issue.

    2.) Remove all CRIT damage for pvp. If any sense of balance, fun and actual duels that can last longer then a spilt second for everyone CRIT damage needs to be dropped from pvp.

    I played against a 500 000 dps, 2sock manti, Nats/SS, credit card DH who was nice enough to let me see what happens against him. And il tell you what happens... Nothing.

    Even on 3 vs 1 he could avoid all damage by being invisible at all times because of smoke screen and totally crit anyone to death in 0.1 seconds. Even high damage reduced/high defense/hight vit barbs and monks where dead in seconds.

    After, i asked him to remove all crit items/gems and use main stat and ias instead. His DPS dropped to 79 000 dps and was actually fun to duel against. Even he admitted that it was a ton more fun without out crit.

    I plan on dueling alot more, but the 2 points i made are the obvious flaws of PVP. If anyone wants to smack me around and test things on me let me know.

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    Re: PVP first impressions

    Removing crit would harm some builds more than others.
    A flat dmg reduction seems better. It would likely have to be a pretty big reduction though. Might also "two-tier" it, so crit dmg is reduced more than non-crit dmg, while still allowing crits to happen. Like reducing dmg from non-crits by 25% while reducing crits by 50% or similar (obviously that would also harm crit specific builds, but at least they would still be able to crit, and get some benefit out of it.

    The extra dmg reduction for barb and monk still sounds fair enough for pvp too. After all they do have to get closer to hurt you, putting much more potential dmg on them.

    One thing I noticed; maybe all the dmg immunity abilities should be changed to like 90% dmg reduction in pvp? It seemed kinda stupid from the youtube video I watched, how people ran around like chickens until their immunity skill was ready. Then they attacked for 3 seconds, and ran away again (with the exception of DH, where it was always ready ). Of course a dmg nerf in pvp might make this a non-issue.

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    Re: PVP first impressions

    As a monk I don't really agree that we survive too much. We need to be in close-combat to kill you know

    The biggest issue I have are demon hunters, because of high crit and being invisible. Perhaps they're simply the monk nemesis and that's the way it is, but if they own other classes as well, then maybe they're a bit too good.


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