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    Back from a 6 month hiatus, have a few questions

    As the title suggests, i haven't played D3 since July. Like many, i was playing a dual wield WW/tornado Barb at the time i quit. I've been reading through the 1.04 and 1.05 patch notes attempting to figure out how the changes have affected my barb.

    The main thing i noticed was that the proc coefficient on Run Like the Wind was lowered from .2 to .08. I believe that means our LoH and fury regeneration from the tornadoes were nerfed by 60%. When playing, the effects were very noticeable, but didn't seem crippling. It was a little harder to maintain fury, but still manageable. The biggest hits seem to be on LoH and WotB with Thrive on Chaos rune.

    My main questions at the moment:

    1) Is life steal now comparable or even better than LoH?

    2) Is Thrive on Chaos still worth using? I didn't do any testing yesterday, but it seemed difficult to even get a 30 second WotB, much less the near-permanent state of WotB that used to be possible.

    3) Is gearing pretty much the same? I assume crit is more important than ever to maintain fury with the lower proc coefficient. Is anything else different? Are there any new or buffed set/legendary items that i should look at? (I picked up Nat boots and ring cheap yesterday for the 7% crit 2pc bonus).

    4) Any new, fun builds as a result of the changes? I saw Rend got a huge damage boost, and many of the other skills were buffed as well.

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    Re: Back from a 6 month hiatus, have a few questions

    1) Depends on the real dps and ticks per second you're doing with ww+sprint. With decent dps or low ticks per second, Life Steal is certainly a viable alternative. At high dps, it is far more powerful than LoH in most situations.

    2) It is still worth using in the right situation, but fury is both harder to dump with dual-wield and harder to generate with any setup. You have to work at it more and/or use a higher Monster Power so things don't die too quick.

    Too lazy to respond to the other stuff right now. XD

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    Re: Back from a 6 month hiatus, have a few questions

    I've been using a cleave / hota / rend build. (rend for health gains). Enjoying it quite a bit. Alternating between 2 hander and sword and board depending how tough packs are. Cleave and rend I use for aoe, hota for rage dump and single target dps (around 700k per hit now).

    Got bored with whirlwind builds, had to try something different.


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