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    Looking for people to play Diablo 3 with.

    Well sadly d3 is loosing its luster for me. i generally play by myself or with friends and family. but no one i know really cares for the game like they did with d2(which is a far better game by far right now in my opinion). and it seems d3 is meant to be played with other people and i dont really know anyone that plays now. im a soft core cause my computer can barely handle d3 but oh well it plays decently enough for softcore and i usually play on MP10 and die a lot but i enjoy the harder challenge anyways now if they would bring back customization other than items this would be a awesome game but anyways. i enjoy the gameplay of the game so i guess im just trying to hold on but if anyone would like to play the game with me my battletag is davitheevil1#1764. thanks and i hope to see some of y'all soon.

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    Re: Looking for people to play Diablo 3 with.

    i've sent you a request


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