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Thread: Hot Spots

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    Re: Hot Spots

    Quote Originally Posted by Solwolf View Post
    Hey there Bongo. As Zappa said earlier, virtually no one from the old GAT crew is playing d3; really didn't see all that many when the game was released, and even fewer within a month or two. d3 was a massive disappointment for me, and I know I'm not alone in that feeling.


    Hope you enjoy d3, and nice to see an old name reappear.
    Hey There Sol, good to see another old friend around. I hope that life has been treating you well.

    Sadly, I have to agree with you about D3, extremely disappointing. I've been playing for a little over a month, six weeks maybe, and I see very little chance that I will be playing a month from now. From a game design standpoint it emphasizes everything that I like least in games. The genius of D2 was that it had such a broad appeal, no matter what you liked in a game, D2 made that option available to you. If you liked to collect items or work to get all the uberest items, you could do it, MF till your eyes bled. But you could also play the game perfectly well with pedestrian gear, or even with NO gear, like my naked Guardian. If you wanted to strive for L99 you could do that, with countless Cow/Baal runs. But the game had enough variety that once you made Guardian with one build, you could leave that toon behind and start up a new character that was completely different from the last (my preference). When the internet was slow or flaky, or if the servers were down, you could always play SP. But not now. D2 was wide open, if you wanted to try it, you were accommodated by Blizzard. But D3 is very limiting.

    From the 'How do I build wealth thread'
    Quote Originally Posted by Kornkills View Post
    Relentless farming... with MF gear.
    Thank you for this comment. When I read it yesterday it helped me realize what I have known for a while now, but didn't want to admit to myself. D3 is ALL about items, and unless you're willing to chase that greased pig, you're going to have a very tough time in this game. I lost my Barb last night, my second highest character, only L38, but a lot of work for me. Like all HC deaths, it was all my fault. And the lesson I learned was that I had ignored the armor stat. My life and my damage were higher than what was shown in the 'Benchmark thread' and I had been doing fine up until then. But at L38, the majority of my items were L20-23, I just hadn't found any stuff with better armor numbers that had equivalent bonuses. I thought that I was OK, but I was wrong. Going forward, I now have to spend even MORE time on the AH, and not playing. I have to bid on some items today and hope that I get them tomorrow, rechecking the bids as often as possible, and upping my bids when necessary. I'm new, and poor, so I really can't afford to overpay for stuff, so I have to work the AH smartly. But it's boring as hell. I quit playing DDO for just this reason, chasing items and working their AH to keep my toons playable was more work than the game was fun. defines 'grind' as to work laboriously. I think I can spend my free time in a more enjoyable way. Blizzard use to make great games, but Blizzard North is gone. And what they put out now is but a shadow of the past. I've gotten about as much out of D3 as I did Starcraft 2, a month or so. And just like S2, I was expecting a LOT more. Oh well.

    Good to hear from you Sol, take care. And if you ever talk to any of the old crowd, give them my best.


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    Re: Hot Spots

    In normal, nightmare and acts 1 and 2 of hell, basically up to level 54 or so do not under estimate the value of the blacksmith. He can make you some decent stuff for fairly cheap. Only really starts to get expensive when crafting level 60 items. This way you will not necessarily be level 38 with level 25 weapon or helm or boots or whatever. You can craft a decent axe at level 35 and sword at level 29 and so on. Just keep this in mind for the leveling part.


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