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Thread: Skills thread

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    Re: Skills thread

    Not! Safe! For! Work!

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    Re: Skills thread

    Quote Originally Posted by jmervyn View Post
    Yes and no. I'm a luddite at heart; technology is wonderful but ...

    ...Well, "things" are "better" now, though I expect them to get much worse, fast. That's not the issue with the elimination of privacy; people are voluntarily surrendering their own privacy in exchange for baubles.
    Do you think she can be delivered with room service?
    40 years ago I heard the line about clicking on the 3d printer ( though no one had made or patented it back then.) and getting (Sex star of the month)

    It's coMing jmervyn.

    I'm an optimist and you well you've been banned for years.

    We are the top% and we rule the world.

    If I can't make in Hollywood I can make it in Van-Nuys.

    Your worrying over 3ed world problems .

    She came with room service since a long time ago; There.
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    Re: Skills thread

    But Bob ... dey durk our derbs!


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