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    Diablo III the cheapest prices and questions


    I know that I'm a new guy but I have to ask you about two things....
    I'm30 years old man with some experience in Diablo 2 and i wanna lvl upand start play Diablo 3 so i need your opinion can i handle with thisgame?
    I wanna buy Diablo and I'm looking for the lowest pirces and i foundthis (Link removed)

    Have you got anny experience with this online shop?

    Thank you for yours opinions guys

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    Re: Diablo III the cheapest prices and questions

    Ummm no.
    Not sure if this is your attempt to direct traffic to CD key site or you really want an opinion on it but either way we don't allow this. Those CD keys are not legal. Only ones from blizz are legit. We will not allow a link like that. I am also going to remove the link.


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