Doing Mp6-8 Keyfarming runs, depending on gear of group.
Act 1-3 need about 18 keys, so I will be farming for a while.

Need 100k dps + please. (unbuffed)
Hoping for WD's, but will play with anybody.

Include in request:
Dps (unbuffed)
Act wanted to farm

--------- Routes ---------

Act 1 Route:
The Festering Woods,
Leorics Manor
Fields Of Mistery (Circle outside of map, all spawns are there)

Act 2 Route:
Black Canyon Mines
Road to Alcarnes
Then split up at different spawns:
Path To The Oasis
Dahlgur Oasis

Act 3 Route:
The Core Of Arreat
Arreat Crater Level 2
Tower Of The Damned 1 (If needed)