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    Help Upgrading My Gear

    I've so far been lucky with a couple drops that sold for 40m, managed to buy the current setup on my barb. I can farm MP3 quite comfortably but would like to be faster, and I am stumped on where to make upgrades. My current gold is only 15m, so I'm wondering if it would be more beneficial to A. keep saving or B. try upgrade with current amount.

    I've also successfully used this build on higher MP Levels by switching from a Whirl Wind build to a HoTA build, but as stated it just feels a little slow at killing packs efficiently.

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    Re: Help Upgrading My Gear

    both your weapons suck really, one doesnt even have any str which is number 1 for barbs, i would try upgrade thoose first because u dont even do 100kdamage considering u have the highest gems in both weapons, i was a bit suprised.. stack critical hitdam as high as u can is also good.


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