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Thread: Tao of Fissure

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    Tao of Fissure

    Is Fissure damage spread over 3.2 seconds? I mean, the skill panel shows some "Fire Damage", but I don't know if it is damage per second multiplied by 3.2 or total damage over that time.

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    Re: Tao of Fissure

    3.2 seconds is how long the skill continues to work (vents open and close).

    When you cast fissure, multiple "vents" open below your enemies, if an enemy is standing over an open vent they are damaged for the listed fire damage (less resistance and all that). It is not a damage over time. An enemy can be hit multiple times in the 3.2 second duration, and by multiple vents depending on the enemy size.
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    Re: Tao of Fissure

    Since the Fissure page of this site's wiki does not elaborate, consult the Amazon Basin Diablo II wiki's Fissure page.


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