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    Tao of Poison Creeper

    I know that PC sucks. It's not worth maxing at all. However, I wonder, is to worthwhile to put a single point in it? I will have +15 skills so it will be doing about 100 damage, I guess. The question is, for how long this damage will be applied? Is PC worth a single point?

    I found that it is over 4 seconds. Were it over 10 seconds, I would consider one point in it...

    OMG, I tought it's damage per second over 4 seconds. Is it really 50 damage TOTAL at level 15 over 4 seconds? That would be beyond lame...

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    Re: Tao of Poison Creeper

    PC is extremely powerful early game, eg. lvl 1-15. Beyond that, it sux. It also synergizes rabies though, which you can get at lvl 18.


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