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    ZEAL attack OFTEN misses a lot!

    Not sure if it's a bug or just attack rating things (but most my weapons got the 90< attack rating with pink gems). But this really bugs me a lot. Not sure how to describe it, but I try my best!

    Whenever I use ZEAL when surrounded (2-handed weapons), after I kill a monster, with 1st or 2nd hit (5 hits max), my next other hits won't even touch the other monsters, and this happens A LOT. I gotta switch position a bit to hit the next monster. Even worse, my ZEAL sometimes replaced with regular attack (and my mana was still full that time)

    any idea?

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    Re: ZEAL attack OFTEN misses a lot!

    Well the normal attack instead of zeal is from standing too far away from ur target. And Yeah, I get that bug a lot where a bunch of zeals won't hit until the pala moves a little.


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