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    Backlash build - Leech better than LoH?

    I was looking at the proc coefficients in the guide thread, and while it stats 1.02, I'm assuming it's still mostly accurate.

    This tells me that cyclones and backlashes don't proc any LoH at all, and so I'm thinking it's possible that leech is better. My main is wd, and nearly all of our LoH aside from acid cloud was nerfed, so I've been used to using leech instead for a while.

    I've searched around a little and haven't seen much of an in-depth guide for a backlash build, but I think the skillset is pretty straightforward:

    While my main question is whether or not it's best to focus on leech instead of LoH with a backlash build, I'm open to any gearing or skill suggestions as well. take note I just got this monk to 60 and have spent less than 100k on gear, so don't judge me based on that

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    Re: Backlash build - Leech better than LoH?

    Pretty much what I run except I use blinding flash.

    From what my use has told me, I still need both LoH and leech. I use only 1 weapon, so my leech may not be good enough to work with it, but leech is definitely more effective with Backlash than even Overawe. Backlash also helps more vs Electrified, Fire Chains, Arcane, Illusion...can't recall if I was able to dodge the floor effects...

    Point is, it's every bit as good at leeching as SW. With at least 2 APS, you have 65+ weapon damage per burst. With better attack speed (especially frenzy shrine), it's over 80% damage per. I find that significant.

    With skills like FoTs dodge rune, a spammable dodge (Cyclone here, I was thinking Dashing Strike), and dodge passives, you can hit 75+ dodge very easily. With a semi mainstream SW build, I'm sitting on about 55-60, depending on if I'm using fleet footed or not.

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    Re: Backlash build - Leech better than LoH?

    Having both Loh and Life steal is what i would recommend. Later when you get higher dps you can focus more on Life steal. But keeping a little Loh is not a bad idea.

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    Re: Backlash build - Leech better than LoH?

    Floor effects cannot be dodged. Resolve will be triggered with backlash as well.


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