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    PC on almost perfect trifecta IK Gloves!!!

    Hey guys I had been saving these to ID for awhile and when I did my jaw dropped.

    Immortal King Irons
    350 Def
    -90 str
    -9% ias
    -46% crit dmg
    -273 life regen
    -10 crit chance
    -6 reduced melee dmg

    The trifecta rolls are almost perfect but it does have a bad str roll. I need some help figuring how much this is worth as there is really nothing on the AH currently like it.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: PC on almost perfect trifecta IK Gloves!!!

    Take the max you can can from gold action house. I play on EU but would aim 2 Billion ( gold for start and see what happens.


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