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    Discuss & Debate Next Upgrade (DPS at same EHP)?

    What would you upgrade next, to increase my DPS/tDPS but not losing much EHP?

    Budget: 150m.


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    Re: Next Upgrade (DPS at same EHP)?

    Braciers. 4.5% crit chance. Unless you prefer the knockback, I'd look for a lacuni's with crit chance or a rare with 6% chance, high strength and vitality.

    Hellfire ring. Keep at it, or replace this with something else. Unity is great on any character. average damage, 150 odd strength, 4.5% crit chance and search for crit damage as well. basically your current hellfire ring is loosing 4.5% crit chance compared to a 40 million unity ring.
    IMHO, your total crit chance of 44.5% is low for the crit damage you have so depending on how many hellfires you've rolled, I'd prefer a crit chance over the crit damage you have now. for example, 44.5% x 441%(one hand) = 196% damage boost versus 49% x 418% (less your hellfire) = 204%. so a hellfire with 4.5% crit chance will increase your damage more than the 23% crit damage you have now. I've rolled hellfires up to 5.5% crit chance so its motorvation to keep ubering.

    Leoric's. I know you have this here for the bonus xp. But you've got hellfire and a gem in the helm going for you here already. My thoughts are a good ring in this slot, for example, a unity or litany of the undaunted with 25% crit damage would drop 20k dps on you across the board. That would give you higher killing speed or step you up an Mp step increasing your mf/gf and xp per hour which I reckon would equal out approx to what you'd loose without the leorics.


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