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Thread: Rate My Bowazon

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    Rate My Bowazon

    Build is: 20 Valkyrie, 20 Penetrate, 20 FA, 20 Strafe, rest into CA for synergy. One point in all from passive tree. Stats: str enough for gear, vita enough for 1k life, ene base, dex rest.


    Helm: Dream Diadem. This is for style. I know that people often use godly 40/15x3 diadems, but I want something more fun.
    Armor: Fortitude Dusk. I have 28 version. It has all I need, I think.
    Weapons: Harmony GMB + WWS (2xShael) on switch. These are second tier bows, but for some reason, I like them better than standard Faith/WF. Also, they are MUCH cheaper and seem more fun to use.
    Amulet: Highlord's or Cat's Eye. I'm not sure which is better, but I will probably go for hl, since I like +skills.
    Rings: 2x Raven Frost. This is a no-brainer. I need AR and dexterity, so ravens are best.
    Belt: Verdungo. I thought about Razortail, but Pierce is not that important. Dungo gives me ~40 vitality and ~15% damage reduction which are both very useful.
    Gloves: LoH, rare or crafted. I have a bid outstanding on bowazon gloves which have +2 to bow tree, 20IAS, fire res and some other mods. I've never heard about bowazon crafted gloves though.
    Boots: Waterwaks. Mainly for +15 dex, since there seems to be nothing better available.
    GCS: 5x passive sk clean. Bonus to all skills from the passive tree, granting all kinds of offensive and defensive perks.
    SCS: 1x gz poison, 4x cold. Poison to curb monster's regeneration, cold to boost FA freeze time.
    Rest: Good torch, cheap anni.
    Merc: Act II Might, Leviathan, CoT, Pride CA. Crown of Thieves is cheap and my has 10%ll. Leviathan is cheap too and is simply good enough and a bit stylish. Pride is for raw power, the only expensive item for this merc.

    What do you think? Did I make some glaring mistakes here?
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    Re: Rate My Bowazon

    U Think u will be dissapointed in FA power without 20 points in CA, can't really comment on Strafe since I got not much xp in it.
    But Dacar can explain it much better here:

    edit: Are u planning to kill with strafe and have FA as backup or vice versa?

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    Re: Rate My Bowazon

    A couple things I see right away.

    Uase razortail instead of Verdungo. These mods will increase your damage considerably. Don't count on the character screen to tell you the truth concerning damage.
    +10 To Maximum Damage
    Piercing Attack (33)
    +15 To Dexterity

    Those mods are invaluable to a zon. Especially the pierce.

    Concerning the amulet, I would use cat's eye.

    +30% Faster Run/Walk
    +20% Increased Attack Speed
    +25 To Dexterity

    Those mods will be very helpful for you. Highlords also has the FRW but the increased damage from the 25 dex is better for you than the increased damage you'll get from the + 1 to skills.

    LOH will be very useful considering the 350% damage to demons and the IAS.

    Boots: I have used Sanders boots before strictly for the FRW. But Waterwalks aren't bad either. The heal stamina is a wasted mod slot but the + life is good if you're afraid of getting hit it may make the difference for you.

    Go with 17 in Valk and use the other 3 skill points elsewhere, like the FA synergy. She gets her last decent weapon upgrade at 17 and with plus skills on your gear or charms you'll get to 20 no problem.

    If you find you're low on mana all the time try switching out one Ravenfrost for a Manald Heal. The mana regen is nice. Get that up to about 20% if you can and you'll be over mana issues later in the game.

    Don't go overboard on your IAS. If you go over the cap it will be wasted mod slots on gear. Check Kijya's thread for
    other hit, FRW and IAS info.

    EDIT: for some reason the linking isn't working right. It is here:!%29-der-0
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    Re: Rate My Bowazon

    Hmmm... Ok, so I will get Cat's Eye and Razortail. I will max Valkyrie though. 4xmax plus rest is my system of building.

    I changed my build a bit. I think I will stick to Magic Arrow instead of FA. Last points will be spent on Decoy, to boost Valkyrie. I think that Decoy is better for defense than very short FA freeze time in Hell.
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