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    Hamachi server.. d2 looking for players?

    well i started my own hamachi network but im not quite sure how this works so..

    network id D2FTW2012 (All in caps)
    pass is lol (none in caps)

    i guess i have to give my hamachi ip aswell

    Battlenet multiplayer ip?:
    or.. different ip:

    looking forward for players that are active this time around . if it deosnt work but you join the network it might be offline, text me on hamachi if im on ill put the serv up :P

    also forgot to mention i do everything

    new classes/characters,
    normal act 1-5.
    Nm act 1-5.
    Hell act 1-5.

    Hardcore or non Hardcore. i do everything. just reply or pm me
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    Re: Hamachi server.. d2 looking for players?

    First off, you don't need to share your hamachi ip, let alone your real ip.. I'd edit that out asap.
    Anyway I tried joining your network and it said that network doesn't exist.

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    Re: Hamachi server.. d2 looking for players?

    It's a good idea to make a trade profile too so that everyone knows where you stand on mods and what not. I believe it's required before anyone plays with you, actually.

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    Re: Hamachi server.. d2 looking for players?

    Hey man, I'm just getting started too and actually made a post like this (wrong forum section) the other day. I need to dl Hamachi and try to work out the kinks on the mods (GoMule and RWM only) basically. But I'm looking to start fresh and play my way with a group through norm, nm and hell. I haven't done any hardcore chars before but would definitely be open to it, new experiences and everything... Let me know if you're getting a group together and we can Hamachi this thing up.


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