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    ISO hammerdin gear

    Hey there i've never really played this game much, so I'm kind of a noob, but i have read a bit about hammerdin gear/stats and i have looked at the price guide.

    So below is my ISO list: (although i probably can't afford much of it (prices based off - also... lows are great... since i currently have none of this gear and i'm only level 72)

    I will be updating this when i get more FT gear and better runes etc... I am a noobie, so any advice is welcome. I am usually running around with my brother who plays a summon necro and i use concentration to give his skele's a boost, and he uses the merc from act 2 with might, and i use the one with defiance. I don't have BO or any of this beautiful stuff.

    I have some pretty bad gear on atm, (+3 to concentration mace, +3 to combat skills ammy, 2 +10%fcr rings, +1 to pally skills circ, +2 defensive auras armor, and some res on shield/belt.) (i get owned by magic basically)

    Anyways... I need hammerdin gear but basically the only thing in my price range right now is shako and low magefist as far as i can tell.


    weapon: HOTO (low) - 2 ist (out of my price range)

    off hand weapon: low req call to arms

    Armor: Archon Plate with enigma (3HR) (way out of my price range)

    shield: sacred targe with spirit/HOZ (3-6 ist) (out of my price range)

    off hand shield: paladin bo w/ Call to arms (low - 3-6 ist) (out of my price range)

    helm: Harlequin Shako (pul) !! in my price range !!

    gloves: magefist/trang-oul's claws (low - pul) !! in my price range !!

    boots: sandstorm trek (um)/war travellers (low magic find = um)

    belt: Arachnid's mesh - (ist)

    rings: 2 Stone of Jordan (3-4 ist ea)/fcr rings

    amulet: mara's kaleidoscope (low res = ist)

    AND WHAT I HAVE FT (yes i know im a noob lol):

    2 um, 1 pul, 1 ko

    30+ low runes

    maybe 30 pgems (random)

    2 unsocketed mage plates (was thinking about making an archon later and socketing it (waste of runes to upgrade to archon?)

    5 socket flail

    white hydraskull (dunno if its worth jack, doubt it)

    2 dex rings one is 20, one is +16

    1 str ring +19 str and 20% poison resist

    nagelring - 27% mf

    druid ammy +1 skills and 10%fcr

    wand - +2 sorceress skills, firemastery, and glacial spike

    amulet +3 to summoning skills ammy

    Ok, so that's about it. I'm sure its pretty slow on these forums, especially since D3 is out, but let me know if you wanna trade. I'll check this thread as many times as i can remember.
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    Re: ISO hammerdin gear

    Hey, here's a tip: You don't necessarily need something expensive like a hoto to succeed with a Hdin; consider opting for the more cheaper Spirit or Wizardspike. This will ease funds so that you could invest in other areas of your paladin, and this is the more efficient route in terms of item cost and your character's killing power.

    That being said, I have a wizardspike and a magefist you could have for free. I also may have treks and a shako that you could have, but I'm not sure.

    feel free to add me on *lacoste and message me whenever so that I could pass them onto you.

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    Re: ISO hammerdin gear

    Whelp. I've got a few shakos, a 31res HOTO, a low war travs, a Hoz and some perfect magefists.
    You say you have a bunch of random pgems/etc.

    Will happily trade for jewel / pammy / ral sets. (Since they'll be easy for you to find, and I can't be bothered).
    Will say 3 sets to an Ist, 2 to a um, 1 to a pul, and use your prices above.

    Let me know.

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    Re: ISO hammerdin gear

    bumping this back up i still need this stuff. I've been collecting a bit more runes and gems, but i still need all this stuff. Wish i had seen the above two posts when i made this thread the first time, but i didn't.

    Anyways, quesions:

    1) what is *lacoste? a username? (haven't played long)

    2) how many runes/gems are in a set?

    3) would running to hell forge be faster runes than killing the countess over and over on hell? I'm only level 80 tho, should i just do Baal runs?

    4) of course any advice is welcome


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