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    Plan: Cain's Fate


    I didnt find any information about this plan. Did one of you already dropped it ? Does it drop from a monster lvl 25 since its a item lvl 25 ? Or it drops inferno only ?

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Plan: Cain's Fate

    From doing a quick search, it looks like it drops in late Act 2-early act 3 in normal difficulty only. I haven't had it drop for me yet, so I can't confirm that.

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    Re: Plan: Cain's Fate

    It is extra rare so the best is to combine that with Leoric signet hunt MP10 act2 normal. Run sewers, oasis with all mini dungeons and start from ancients to get 5 stacks. It is level 25 so not sure does it drop all act2 or just at end.

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    Re: Plan: Cain's Fate

    I just found mine in fields of slaughter act 3 normal hardcore. Also heard they drop early act 1 nightmare but it's a pain farming them, pretty much pointless (i have 1500 hours and this is my second legendary plan). They're about 19m on hardcore and 175m on softcore. You'd be making a profit, albeit a small one compared to lvl 60 items, and definitely not enough to justify buying a plan.
    Cain's Scribe is 2640 30 and 12
    (about 35k to craft on softcore, 15k to craft on hardcore)
    Cain's Sandals are 2640 30 and 12

    Cain's Robes are 3450 44 and 12
    (about 50k to craft on softcore, 20k on hardcore)
    Cain's Memory is 4140 50 and 14
    (about 60k to craft on softcore, 25k to on hardcore)


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