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    Classic MageZon Build - The WizenAzon


    I originally made this guide on d2jsp, but I feel like it could interest a few people here.

    This Amazon took ages to finish, because she needs quite rare and gz stuff, but it was worth the effort.
    I don't think I've seen such a build on Classic realms yet. She's pretty much my baby on the realms




    This build is based around the Wizendraw bow. I dropped it once and saw the -xx% to enemy cold resistance for the first time on classic.
    I thought it was such a cool item it had to be used on a new char.

    I first considered making a fire/cold sorc with ench to use the bow ofc. But since amazon is one of my favorites and seems to be one of the less popular chars in classic I focused on this class.


    Bow and Crossbow Skills

    • Freezing Arrow: 20 - Your main skill. The -xx% to enemy cold resistance coupled with the radius of this attack is very effective against pack of monsters. Freezing effect works beautifully in hell.
    • Immolation Arrow: 20 - Secondary skill. Kind of a backup skill, but is still very helpful and will be used almost all the time.
    • Cold Arrow: 20 - Syngergy.
    • Exploding Arrow and/or Fire Arrow: 10+ - Synergies.

    Passive and Magic Skills

    • 1 point in all prerequisites for Valk.
    • 1 point in Critical Strike and Penetrate.
    • Valkyrie: 10+ - She is mandatory in HC and very useful with immunes. A life saver.

    Javelin and Spear Skills

    • None


    • Strength: 100 - Enough to wear Silks of the Victor.
    • Dexterity: 50 - Enough for Wizendraw.
    • Vitality: Share the points left with Energy.
    • Energy: Don't underestimate the need of mana points with this build.


    • Armor: Silks of the Victor - +1 to All Skills, enough said.
    • Helm: Tarnhelm - Same as Silks!
    • Weapon: Wizendraw - The weapon that gave it's name to our warrior. IAS, Mana, Cr, and ofc -35% to enemy cold resistance (if perfect). All are great adds for the use we make of it.
    • Belt: Goldwrap - For IAS.
    • Boots: Rare - Here you're going to need insane rare boots. Frw, fhr, very high resistances. Or high dual res and mana. Dex is also welcome.
    • Rings: Soj - 2 sojs, skills are mandatory for this build to work!
    • gloves: Rare - IAS gloves with very high resistances.
    • Amulet: Rare - +2 prismatic amulet. Stacked resistance is also needed.
    • Backup armor 1: Goldskin - I use this to kill Diablo. You can use any rare armor with high res really.
    • Backup armor 2: Rattlecage - For Cold/Fire immunes.

    How to play

    With this gear I won't lie to you, you will have bad resistances to play in hell. If you can get more than 25 overall it's already pretty good!
    This plus the absence of a shield make this char pretty dangerous to play in hell. Still, she can solo the Chaos Sanctuary in a very decent time!
    You will have to be very careful with Cold Immunes/Fast monsters though. Those can be deadly.

    Always cast your Valk and keep her close to you. Make a tp sometimes when you feel a big pack of monsters can cause a problem.

    Here is an interesting aspect of this build.
    With all the +skills given by your gear, you can use secondary skills with great effect:

    • Inner sight: Useful for your valk when facing an immune.
    • Slow Missiles: Awesome in the CS! You can dodge elemental damage easily with this.
    • Decoy: If things get really nasty. Cast this and run away.

    What you want to do when approaching a group of mobs, is adapting to the immunities first.
    I usually use patterns of attacks depending of the situations:

    • Non-Immune, Lightning Immune, Physical Immune: 1 Immolation Arrow - 2 Freezing Arrow. These are basically the monsters you will be the most effective against.
    • Fire Immune: Freezing Arrow non-stop.
    • Cold Immune: 1 Immolation Arrow - 1 Exploding Arrow.

    Immolation Arrow has a cast delay, long enough to allow another attack in between each of them, so use exploding arrow when facing cold immunes.

    You will use lots of mana with Freezing Arrow, which is why I share points in vitality/energy.
    Mana points are better for regeneration than % to regenarate mana (on items like Heavenly Garb), so spending stats on energy + sojs is very nice for this.

    For the Cold/Fire immunes, try to get your Valk on them and use Rattlecage for the cb! Another great help is a backup socketed bow with perfect emeralds to prevent monster healing.
    Those dual immunes are a pain especially the mages in the CS since they use Decrepify which slows your Valk quite a lot.

    Finally for Diablo, it's safer to wear that Goldskin because his lightning attack can be devastating with our resistances.

    That's it, if you wanna try this baby you gotta do some serious mf'ing first. So good luck to anyone who wants to try this!
    I will post pictures and videos of this lady in action later!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Re: Classic MageZon Build - The WizenAzon

    A excelent guide. I will definately have to try it.
    Since it's a guide, I took the liberty to link to it from the build guides and FAQ sticky.
    Classic, where a runeword is a weapon missing the s in the middle.

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    Re: Classic MageZon Build - The WizenAzon


    An advice to make the mf easier:

    Forget the Tarn, use a nice rare with life/res. if you don't you will need extremely gozu boots/gloves.

    I'll post my inventory you'll see it for yourself.

    Also, do you think it's possible to have the images displayed?

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    Re: Classic MageZon Build - The WizenAzon

    That is a good question, I shall have to poke my fellow mods to ask if there's a way to link to 'local' images.
    Classic, where a runeword is a weapon missing the s in the middle.


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