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    Question Co-op play question

    I am thinking about buying Diablo 3 but I have a co-op play question. Although I am interested in online multiplayer stuff, I am mostly looking for a game that would allow my brother in law and I to have post-pub drunken co-op campaign play. This would involve both of us on the same pc, one on an xbox 360 pad and the other on mouse and keyboard. Alternatively both on xbox pads. Is this possible? If so, would we then be able to allow others to join us online? Is the co-op I'm talking about full story mode or a simple add on? There seems to be far too many games these days ignoring good oldschool couch co-op where you can punch your mate and dead his leg if he cheats/ninjaloots etc... Maybe I'm just getting old, but I'd like to be sure before I buy.

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    Re: Co-op play question

    Diablo 3 is not available on consoles at this time. I am unaware of a way for two people to play on the same PC.

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    Re: Co-op play question

    You mean you want to use Xbox controllers as the primary game pad for playing Diablo 3 on your PC? As of right now, Gamepads are not supported in Diablo 3, only Keyboard and Mouse. Also, in order to play Co-Op, each player needs His/Her own PC. Hope this helps.


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