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    Is this a new temp ban?

    Hi all, I play ladder on USEast and finished up some muling after doing some MF runs. While one of my mules was perming a game, I alt tabbed to Youtube and was watching some movie trailers. I then received an Unrecoverable internal error message, hit ok, game closed, my D2 stopped running. Now when I attempt to log into ANY of my accounts on USeast right after typing in my password and hitting log in I IMMEDIATELY get a error message. "You have been disconnected from Please reconnect.
    I get this error no matter which account I try to use. Funny thing is I can create an account and log into USWest. This just seems to be particular to my USEast accounts.
    Yes I MF and Mule but this error is a new one to me and no I do not use ANY 3rd party programs or hax or other crap. Did a fresh re-install of game and this is still happening.
    Any advices or opinions are welcomed and thanks in advance.

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    Re: Is this a new temp ban?

    I am getting the same error and i just logged on for the first time this morning, so im guessing us east is down or something


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