Forum Name: SayFourtyThreePlz

Date: 24 December 2012

Versions Played: 1.13d

Mod Status: RWM, Atma V, CharSi, GoMule, Multiple Instances DLL, SiloSpen's run counter

HC/SC Status: Softcore only

Other Information: After about a year now, i decided to go back to Diablo 2. I got pretty bored from Diablo 3, it came out to be a disappointment for me. I've been playing for about two weeks now and i'm coming back to the forums slowly. At first i didn't want to trade anything, but after 1.5k runs of farming mephisto for a Titan's Revenge and still no drop, i decided it would be easier if i just traded another item of similar value. Now i regret never saving any of my old chests on GoMule, but i won't be doing that mistake again. I hope all goes well and every trade is a successful one. Have good holidays everyone.
-I do not mind any conversions from older patches, HC to SC or HF rushed runes.

Probation Period Status: Full Trade Status