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    Question New Monk - My First Level 60 (Lots of Questions)

    My Monk
    So I'm on break from school and have some time when I'm not working and I picked up D3 and hit 60 for the first time. Now that I'm here I figure I might aswell hope on that gear treadmill. But with only about 1m from vendoring low level crap and random gold pickups I don't have great gear.
    I was trying to progress through inferno quests and kind of hit a wall early in Act3 because, well I figure my gear is kind of crap you can check that on my profile. I breezed through Act1/2 on MP0 no problem. I figure I might aswell just farm Act1 for some money until I can upgrade to some decent gear.

    So I've figured out what I think is a decent farming one. But what do I know? I'd like somone who knows there stuff to check it over or help me out with a new one. Got some questions about it that I'll post after.

    • Start on The Imprisoned Angel
    • Check Watchtower (I restart until it spawns)
    • Festering Woods – Two Dungeons (The two caves and randoms leaves me 2-4 NV)
    • Cemetery of the Forsaken – 3 Cemeteries + Special Event (Clear the first pack in each cemetary an go back. I hit 5NV here)
    • Leoric’s Manor – Run backward from WP to Courtyard (Usually hit one in the Church and then on is garunteed in the courtyard)
    • Clear Watchtower (A resplendent and a few packs in here)
    • Cave of the Moon Clan (Kind of tricky to find but usually has a good ammount of packs in there. I find a bunch of packs while I look)
    • Leoric’s Manor and run through to Kill Warden + Butcher

    Does it matter when I star the Quest if I start on Imprisoned Angel - Begin Quest or Imprisoned Angel - The Cursed Hold. When I leave a game do I have to change quest for all the maps to reset or can I just leave and go back into the game? That probably doesn't make sense but I don' know how to phrase it. If I don't change it the menu options says 'Resume Game' instead of 'Start Game'.
    How does the route look. Is it worth it to kill the Warden and the Butcher? Should I just restart after Moon Clan Cave. Is it a decent route to run? Whats the best Act1 route to make money?

    In a slightly related vein, once I've made some money what should I be looking for in gear? How much cash should I be looking for to farm Act3 effectively?
    Thanks guys.
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    Re: New Monk - My First Level 60 (Lots of Questions)

    That's pretty much the best act 1 farming route you can do.

    You can still realistically get upgrades for under 500k, so just get whatever you can find for an appropriate price. I'd put special emphasis on getting movement speed.

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    Re: New Monk - My First Level 60 (Lots of Questions)

    You need to double stack resists, that is, items that have both the OWE resist and All Resist. For instance look for a belt with dex, vit, OWE res and all res. You can also get Life % on belt and shoulders which is nice if it also has vit. You also don't have any Life on Hit, the easiest way to get it is 400+ on a weapon and 400+ on amulet. You should be able to get a dagger or fist weapon with a socket and 400 Life on Hit without too much problem. If you get a socketed weapon or two get the highest level Emerald you can afford, the CHD really boosts your damage.

    Set yourself a budget for each item, search for the stats you want and then get one with the highest dex you can afford. Try and maintain your high crit chance whilst doing the upgrades.

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    Re: New Monk - My First Level 60 (Lots of Questions)

    Blackthorne leggings always spawn with life on hit aswell.

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    Re: New Monk - My First Level 60 (Lots of Questions)

    If you were on Europe I would have helped you gear up , I think 1m budget is more than enough to get you running act3 mp0-1.

    Here is my monk on US , I just started there from scratch a month or 2 ago and I hit 60 and had like 500k Gold and this is the gear I could put together and I can farm act3 easily.
    I am sure now gear is even cheaper , so good luck.


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