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Thread: HC tonight?

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    Sep 2011

    HC tonight?

    Have the next... 4-10 hours free haha!! On CST. I MP with another member on this forum, but currently every item I have is 100% self-found. I play totally fam and 1.13d currently. I have a 89 Hammerdin with decent gear and a 45 MS zon with good gear in Act 1 NM.

    Would prefer some Baal runs as I am trying to make a token for my barb! I can host! I'll check back here throughout the night. If you're interested just let me know and I'll throw up a game!

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    Re: HC tonight?

    im up i got a 98 pally untwinked also got 1,13 good gear and lots of runies wanna play?

    untwinked = i found and made everything myself

    also forgot to add i have a 49 druid in nm act 2 but i can go act 1 again ;o


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