What gear should i use for my d2 classic javazon???this is for pvp
currently im lvl 62 and i have:

-rare boots-20FR, 18CR, 30RW
-rare belt(demonhide)-18CR, 18FR, 6PR, 41life, 17FHR
-sigons gauntlet with sigons shield
-normal javelin
-rare helm-20 life, 10 mana, 25LR, 10FHR
-rare ammy-1ama skill, 50 mana, 5energy, 20PR
-rare ring- 18CR, 18FR, 12AR, 1Maxdam
-rare ring-18life, 10castrate, 20mana, 5 CR

dunno what else to use. maybe bloodfist to replace sigons gloves?