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    Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    Just kind of getting back into the game after playing a lot of MOP.

    Before MOP hit I leveled every class to 60 but kinda stopped after Killing Diablo on Inferno, as there weren't Paragon levels or things to do back then.

    I think I enjoy my DH and my Monk the best but I can't really decide what to play.

    Any recommendations as to what will be easier to grind with? Also which do you think will be better in PVP? I'm a 2400 player on multiple classes in WOW and that's what I enjoy the most.

    I have a set of gear that I swap between the Monk and DH, the DH has about 200k DPS and the Monk has about 140k - I don't really notice a big difference in either as far as farming speed or survivability goes.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated from people in a similar spot or people who have played their DH/Monk a lot.


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    Re: Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    I have played very little of both but I consider Monk "Cooler".

    If you really do not notice any difference in farm speed, just go for the one which you like the most.

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    Re: Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    Those are 2 totally different play styles, Monk vs DH, that's what it really comes down to...

    Personally I think the Monk is more enjoyable for Solo play because I can face tank most mobs.

    DH is great fun with a tank/group play because I can just hang out in the back and blast some serious "dεεps"...

    I guess what it comes down to is;

    Do you like to run up to the mobs and attack them?


    Do you like to kite away from the mob and attack them?

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    Re: Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    Paragon leveling: Both have their own mp0 farming builds and both can be quite effective at it. DH probably has an edge here, but monks are much more party-friendly.

    PVP: I don't think anyone who at this point makes any recommendations about pvp should be making recommendations about pvp. There is too little known; nobody has any real information about how skills are going to be changed in pvp, there's no telling what kinds of gear might get nerfed for pvp, when do health globes drop if at all?, etc.

    As InsaneAction said, for the moment it comes down to which you prefer. Even grinding; if you don't enjoy a character you'll probably grind less and thus get less paragon, even if it farms faster.

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    Re: Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    The DH hunter is quite a fast farmer if you do it on mp0 act3 or mp1 act1 and 2. That is for normal legendary farming.

    Monk will be better if you want to farm keys (mp3+, set the mp as high as you can run comfortably, my monk mostly runs mp5 for keys and ubers on mp 6-7), the monk has more / better survival skills and can take more punches then the DH can (30% innate dmg reduction), if you put on some LoH or life steal, with nice APS (2 ish) the monk will beat the DH in surivability on higher MP.
    But on lower MP the DH wins out.

    So it depends on what you want to do.

    Here is a good write up of how to speed farm with a DH.

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    Re: Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    Tr monk will be faster to farm paragon with than dh. Also well balanced monk is always welcomed to join mp10 ubers thanks to MoC and Palm. Hard to say how will these classes do in pvp. Id say they will both have different roles to play.

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    Re: Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    Quote Originally Posted by livejamie View Post
    the DH has about 200k DPS and the Monk has about 140k
    In terms of farming items/gold/xp, you answered your own question there. Although kamap provided a link to my DH speedfarming guide, you can use essentially the same resource-efficiency itemization to make a Spirit-spender-only Monk speedfarmer. I might do a guide for that too sometime; right now mine is making it work (although not exceptionally well) with midrange gear but I'd want to mess around more with top gear before I deem myself an expert. However, in general the best farming is MP0 farming, and therefore the best farmers are the highest DPS with almost no consideration for survivability.

    In terms of PvP, DH will definitely be a force; they are the ranged character with a auto-targeting, off-screen projectile and insane movement speed/skills. Is there a chance DHs will be OP and completely edge out Monk? Rather low chance, but yes, there is one. Is there a chance any other class will be so OP as to totally edge out DH? Impossible.

    Unless you really, really like Hellfire Rings, you're best off going DH; it narrowly beats the Monk at virtually everything you care about.
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    Re: Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    Pve paragon > monk is the best 1.0.6 farmer if you go for an high end TR build, not even close to a dh. BUT this builds are usually worth more then 2B.

    Even with a balanced monk like me, I can still go up to 60milion exp/hour (but dh will do better at this point imo)

    uber > balanced monk

    pvp > ?

    If you'r goal is paragon fast, go for a good TR build sir. By the way I think that atm dh are the worst class with wd if you look at exploit farm or uber. Wizards exp/hour sucks also but I'm talking about end gear toons. I think it's up to your goals and your milions to find the better class for what you would like to do. Again, asking for advice without giving us at least an idea about your budget make hard giving any feedback
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    Re: Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    Quote Originally Posted by Ban Jo View Post
    monk is the best 1.0.6 farmer if you go for an high end TR build
    We are still talking about monk vs dh I guess? I do not know anything about dh, but barb is for sure a faster farmer than monk still. It is possible to make a monk that can use tempest rush and where all mobs die on contact in mp0, but as SW and TR only affect mobs in a 10yards radius you will have to run a bit back and forth. And, you cant instakill elites with an ability like rend as the good barbs does
    Or have I missed something?

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    Re: Monk or Demon Hunter? End-Game PVP/Paragon

    I just recently geared up a monk to do pretty well in Inferno, after DH has been my main for months. Monk I was surprised at how effective with mediocre gear. I used mostly self found twinks and bought a weapon and shield and 2 or 3 pieces of armor for maybe 500k a slot (at most) and even with just around 48k DPS he was romping.

    Working through Acts 2-4 Inferno I had to turn it up to MP1 to make it all interesting, and after I finished I did some test runs in Act 2 and 3 on MP3-5, and his survival was surprising. Had little trouble on MP3, and even MP5 I could survive, but boss killing speed was ridiculously slow so I gave it up pending some better gear.

    For the DH vs. Monk comparison... there's no way a DH could be even vaguely successful past MP0 with equivalent quality of gear that my Monk had. Even playing super kite glass cannon, which is pretty much what I did during my early self-found days in Inferno. Ultimately I like the DH best, since I like being super fast and zipping around the screen, but the Monk is quite a nice tanking option if you appreciate that style of play.

    Definitely more expensive to gear up a Monk though, since you need more stats to survive. Res all + your OWE res, plus vit, life %, dex, life on hit/leech, CC, CD, and AS. DH can't entirely ignore res, but much less priority on it and vit and the other heal affixes, which frees her up for cheaper gear and MF/GF to a much greater/cheaper extent. My DH does MP4 or 5 with with 300 res and 32k hps and max MF -- can't imagine a monk getting out of town with those values.

    I dunno how they'd compare at higher end gear, but probably the DH costs more for that since she's a better farming char and seems to be more popular at this point, so more demand for her gear.
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