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    Re: What's the priority?

    1. Just like Otarin said, it gives nothing but damage, while your right one also boosts your ehp heavily. Also, for farming gear attack speed is kind of secondary on almost every dh build. What you want to focus is expected damage/hit, especially the reliable kind that dex, min damage, %elemental added and crit chance gives( e.g. not crit dam, attack speed or max dam ).
    Examples from ah, just from the first search so probably still bad deals:
    Feral wheel ring: 5% cc, 80 dex, 181 armor, 95 strength(95 armor): 9999 buyout, 1d8h left, not for you but shows how much armor is valued
    Unyielding loop: 5% cc, 81 dex, 30-58 damage, 47 all res: 350K buyout, 10h16min left so there are probably better ones for the price

    2. Yep, my bad as I only look at good bid prices. 3.5% cc is not selling at 1.3M, 4 is overpriced at 2.5, 4.5 is a jump in value and apparently goes for around 3.5m. Need to cough up around 1.5-2 for a good deal showing up. Armor adds virtually nothing to the price. Average dex ones are in the 10-20m range, that's my only hit on lacunis .

    Apparently everyone stopped picking up rare helms :( When I got my mempo around 3 weeks ago I couldn't sell my trusty farmer hood for 500K for a week so I ended up just vendoring it, with 81 dex 50+vita 600+armor, socket, 5% crit and 6 pickup radius. The closest on the ah right now is:
    Defiant echo: 6% cc, 84 dex, socket, 5 radius (+45 str, 69 int and 30 cold res), 1day left with 1.5m buyout

    3. The only legendary you absolutely need is just lacuni or inna. The others are too expensive for what they give at the mid levels. Your gear is very good for 4700 elite kills, there are only a few cheap upgrades left. On later levels 2 piece nat(boots+something else, I'll go for ring when I can drop the hellfire) is the only thing that gives you a really big jump in power. After that just buy whenever you have a few 10m golds and see a good deal, no need to spend 5m for +30 vita or 150 armor, blow 30m at once and get a decent item that lasts for a while.

    4. 40% mf. Amus are the best mf slot as with 2 offensive stats and 40+mf they are still dirt cheap. For example, on the ah you can get:
    - 106 dex, 38 phys resist, 8%cc, 40% mf for 150K (105 str - 105 armor)
    - 169 dex, 38 phys res, 8%cc, 42% mf for 400K
    - 99 dex, 253 vit, 38% fire res, 8% cc, 40%mf for 500K
    Taking a hp hit isn't much of a problem since you have a decent pool and armor, resists are a bit lowish but are enough. 2 of these also rolled physical resist, that is a godsend for mid dhs since reflect damage is physical and the affix is effectively free.

    Just looked at my stash and apparently I still have my trusty old Doom Vow ring:
    +66 minimum damage
    +82 dex
    +27% crit damage
    +4% cc
    If you need it add me in game and you can have it for free, didn't have the heart to put it on the ah for the few mils those heathens would pay. Minimum damage is good, M'kay. Kinda wish I didn't waste my helm and previous cloak(roughly the same as the current one, just with 80 vit) for pebbles, they were worthless but godly upgrades for mid dhs.

    Try shopping right after maintenance. Since the ah timer isn't frozen everyone lowballs a bunch of items before, and dumps the haul after the maintenance, so prices are usually much lower. Just don't outbid me
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