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    Need a good Fb/orb sorc guide

    So i'm looking to make a Fb/orb sorc for MFing ( just started playing D2 again) and I cant seem to find a good guide for one, yes I checked the stickys. So does anyone happen to know of any?

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    Re: Need a good Fb/orb sorc guide

    Have you read the meteorb guide? Although the name implies that meteor would be the main fire spell you're commonly using fireball more often. The guide is somewhat dated but still holds mostly true, just add in a hellfire torch. Also the guide mentions to pump more into firebolt instead of mastery if you're using fireball more often the meteor, when doing so you should follow the skillpoint distrobution for maximum fireball damage that is explained in "Syneriges and Masteries explained".

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    Re: Need a good Fb/orb sorc guide

    It's a great build, if you can equip your merc with Insight...wowsers. For your reference, the first polearms that can get 4 sockets are dropped in Arreat Summit onwards through Normal and act 1sh NM. Look for a Halberd, War Scythe or Pole Axe. You probably won't find any exceptional versions of those in normal, Eth is better. If you play straight through, do the countess and collect and cube your runes you should be able to make an Insight somewhere around there. My Javazon this ladder managed to make one after the Crystal Passage in an eth Halberd that dropped.


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