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    Looking for Players for Lets Play Nightmare/Hell/Uber - USEast

    I've completed a Lets Play of Normal on Diablo 2 / LoD on Youtube ( and I'm nearly at Hell right now - and have NEVER done an Uber run in my whole life of playing Diablo 2 (12 years). I would absolutely love for a Summoner Necromancer, a Summoner Druid, a Fire Sorceress, a Bow Amazon, a Martial Arts Assassin, and some kind of Aura Paladin to join me.

    I do NOT want people who are stereotypical builds like a "Hammer-Din", or a "Trap-sin", or even a damn "Ice-sorc". I want unique builded players, or uncommonly built players. I'm running a Polearm Concentrate Barb with a Rogue. I hope some of you will join me, watch my stuff, and have fun.

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    Re: Looking for Players for Lets Play Nightmare/Hell/Uber - USEast

    Not sure if the PM system in this forum is working. I'd like to find ppl to play untwinked together, HCL. Anyone interested?


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