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    AH average damage - bug or misunderstanding?

    I noticed that some items were having their average damage listed higher than it should be, so I bought rings whose only DPS stats are + damage, one that correctly has its average damage listed and one that has it listed what I believe is incorrect.

    As you can see, both had the same average damage listed in the AH but that's (as far as I know) impossible for the Destiny Device. After purchasing both to test, the War Treasure offered more damage while its only DPS stat was the average damage.

    So either I'm misunderstanding the "Average Damage" AH filter(and hopefully someone can explain,) or it's bugged and be careful

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    Re: AH average damage - bug or misunderstanding?

    Looks like a bug, destiny device has 45 average damage, not 66.

    Did you try upping the filter level past 45 and searching again? It would be good to know whether it is just the ranking, or whether the search filter also fails to correctly calculate average damage.

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    Re: AH average damage - bug or misunderstanding?

    It's a display bug on the item's part, destiny device actually adds 66 min damage.

    A bit more from a helpful guy on bnet:
    "Damage display on rings/amulets with min/max-damage is incorrect. If you got min/max-dam and mimimum damage, the minimum damage will not be displayed (extra maximum damage will be though)."


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