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    [Price Check] WD - Thing Of The Deep

    Hey guys,

    I just picked this off-hand item up today, and I really have no idea what it's worth. I was hopeing a fair bit, so if you could help me out, it'd GREATLY be appreciated.

    So here's the image:

    I was told it has high intelligence, I've seen no other items in the AH with 'Inflict bleed', I know the vit isn't that great, but I've seen similar items in the AH, - the inflict bleed but with like 40 more vitality, for around 40mill, what do you think mines worth?

    Thanks in advanced!


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    Re: [Price Check] WD - Thing Of The Deep

    As far as I know that bleed damage ads no value at all, I can't imagine how it could be useful at such a small number.

    Which means your Mojo is worth roughly 1 million.

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    Re: [Price Check] WD - Thing Of The Deep

    Hi, and welcome to the forums.
    We have a separate forum for price check, the trade values forum. Hope you enjoy it here and don't forget to give the rules a once over.



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