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    OWE nerf - come on, hit me!

    I've today completely changed over to gear without OWE resistance. Stopped using OWE a few weeks ago except for Hellfire farming, but now it's all gone! The result is a hell of a lot of armor and all res.
    Might be my spirit regen hat you see there, my primary has 70+ all res and 800 armor instead.

    Gone over to using two spirit regen passives to be able to tempest rush as much as possible for faster and more fun farming.

    Anyone else gotten bored of using the defensive passives and chosen to do something else? Any other interesting solutions than the one I've gone for?
    I really hope that they change tempest rush so that the cost isn't based on AS anymore, as they've apparently done with WW for barbs. Would make it possible for me to pick other, more fun, passives. Would be even more awesome if they gave us at least one nice offensive passive

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    Re: OWE nerf - come on, hit me!

    I would gladly do the same if only we would have an offensive passive to swap OWE for.

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    Re: OWE nerf - come on, hit me!

    Im far from ready for this nerf...

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