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Thread: Most lacking?

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    Most lacking?

    Wondering what is the most lacking piece of gear I have and what things if any I could upgrade for under a mil a piece.. I'm a low budget casual player from the old D-2 days. Thanks for any tips. This is a great community.

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    Re: Most lacking?

    Actually you should be able to upgrade almost every single piece of yours for one mil.
    I dont have much time right now so for now i answer your question, to me the most lacking piece is obviously your quiver.
    Get a dead man's legacy you really want more "real" crit. chance so get one with 9-10 cc.

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    Re: Most lacking?

    Yeah, you can probably upgrade a lot of these for less than 1M per.

    You can probably get a Manticore better than the crossbow for about 1M, and that would add extra crit damage.

    You could definitely use crit chance, though, too: almost any item that gives it to you would help (there's a big difference between starting Sharpshooter at 10% CC and starting at 30% or 50%!). And as your DPS grows, you'll also need more life on hit (again, anywhere you can find it). is what I'm using ATM. The most expensive item from the AH was the Inna's chest, and that's about 2.2M. [Note: the pants and the belt were drops, not purchases.] Pretty much everything else is in the 500K-1.5M range.


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