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    Silly Diablo question

    I've finally gotten around to playing D1, and am playing through it as a warrior, single player. I had been keeping back up weapons and armor up in town, in case I died, which didn't happen until I was fighting Zhar the Mad and ran into an elite pack of poison spitters. At this point, I was surprised to discover that instead of appearing in town nekkid and having to run back to my corpse, I just returned to my last save (I had been saving regularly, despite being pretty certain that there were corpse runs involved). Are corpse runs a multiplayer thing? Am I keeping spare gear around for nothing? Reloading save games feels a little cheap, but if that's how the game works...

    Anyway, thanks for any answers.

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    Re: Silly Diablo question

    yeah, multiplayer is the mode where all your gear drops when you die and you have to run back to collect. In SP you just cheese with a save button . Also in Single you can find Zods at Griz n Wirt, plus change the difficulty by creating a MP game of that diff.


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