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    Gear advice - another WW barb

    I've been using the build for about a week now and liking it and yes, I'm aware the next patch will change a lot, but I'm hoping that with decent/good gear, I'll be able to adjust without having to change a lot of gear when the patch comes.

    Either way, I've been doing some MP5 runs, it mostly works fine and not slow. However, whenever the monsters do get me, I'm dead within a couple of hits where my life steal doesn't keep up with the damage taken. I know my resistances aren't that high (lowest 470 without War Cry, lowest 560 with WC), but I've got decent HP (44k, not very high, but should do with decent life steal?).

    I have a couple of weapons I've been trying, but no combo seems to be working sufficient enough. Basically, I think I need to get my damage up, since it's still very, very low (75k-ish without buffs with the weapons I currently have equipped). The more damage output, the more life steal... However, I think the weapons I have available are slightly inefficient and no matter what combination I use will be good enough with the ones I am using?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! And unfortunately, I'm not a rich person, so I'll probably have about 50mil gold to spend.

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    Re: Gear advice - another WW barb

    I'd go for 5-6% Life Steal over LoH. You could use Bloodthirst passive or get the LS on your off-hand. You have no bonus to movement speed, you can get it on boots, legs (Inna's Temperance) or bracers (Lacuni Prowlers). Speaking of which, what is going on with those pants? :o You could consider Inna's Temperance with str and vit which would give you some much needed movement speed. Failing that at least get a decent rare with str, high vit, all resistance and sockets.


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