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    Sorc build question from returning newbie

    Hey, all. I played D2 off an on several years ago, but never to any great extent. I really enjoyed it, though, and decided to start up again. I was thinking of making a Sorceress and had a build in mind I wanted to try, but I suspect it won't work. I want to try combining Blizzard with chain lightning. These were my two favourite Sorc skills, and I think they'd look great together, but I can't see them synergizing (so to speak) in the same build. Frozen Orb is a great secondary because of its slow and low point investment to function. I don't think I can get away with using Blizzard without pumping its synergies, but the same is true of chain lightning. I'd need to use something like

    20 Blizzard
    1 CM
    10-20 Blizzard Synergy
    20 Chain Lightning
    10-20 CL Synergy
    10-20 Lightning Mastery

    That just seems to spread out, leaving me with two skills that have no damage. But am I missing something that could make it work?

    Thanks for any help

    Edit: A little searching around tells me that Blizzard/Nova is a thing, so that's something to consider.

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    Re: Sorc build question from returning newbie

    Blizzard nova is a very strong build. We have an attitude in the SPF (not sure if you're SP), and it is 'If you think something won't work, heck, try it anyway'

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    Re: Sorc build question from returning newbie

    Good point, and raises the question of what "Works" even means. Even if it's not optimal, that doesn't mean it's not fun.

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    Re: Sorc build question from returning newbie

    I would go with the following, done at level 90:

    20 Blizzard
    12 Glacial Spike (rest of points here)
    1 Cold Mastery

    20 Chain Lightning
    20 Lightning
    20 Lightning Mastery

    1 Teleport
    1 Static Field
    1 Warmth

    With +10 skills, this gives you:

    2k Blizzard
    -70% Cold Mastery
    7 second freeze Glacial Spike

    6k Lightning
    3k Chain Lightning
    10 yard Static Field

    I feel this is a viable build to run any target in the game. However it will be considerably weakened without good +skills.


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