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    Just started playing again--gear upgrades?

    Hi Everyone,

    I just started playing again after a few months hiatus. My gear profile is below:

    I have about 20M of gold so I could buy a few upgrades. I am experimenting with the best builds and am not sure which route I should take.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks & best,

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    Re: Just started playing again--gear upgrades?

    Well, you definitely need a new weapon. Whether you dual wield, use a 2-hander, or use sword/shield is up to you (probably one of the first two, since that helps more with the damage) but no matter what, you can definitely increase your dps. After that, I'd look at replacing your rings and amulets, since you can now get lvl 63 mods on them. After that, maybe look at getting a vile ward.

    As for builds go, I think you should be able to handle a WW build. Depending on how well you can get fury from just WW, you might want to switch to hurricane.


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