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    Question about buff skills and Archon

    I have the following buffs:

    Magic Weapon / Force Weapon (15%)
    Familiar / Sparkflint (12%)
    Energy Armor / Pinpoint barrier (5% increased crit chance)

    With Galvanising Ward, energy armor is up 4 minutes.
    Magic weapon and Familiar have 5 minutes.

    But if i activate these and then Archon:

    * Do all three increase the dps while in archon form?

    * If i stay in archon for more than 5 minutes, will all have dropped off? And can they be reactivated during the same archon?

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    Re: Question about buff skills and Archon

    Yes, yes, and no. Dropping out of archon every few minutes just to rebuff shouldn't be much of a problem, though.

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    Re: Question about buff skills and Archon

    Generally I clear 2 zones, then click off archon, rebuff, and re-cast archon on the first big pack I hit in the next zone. Rinse, repeat.


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